Corporate Finance

Corporate Financing

Taqaseem Investment Company ’s financial research expertise is at the core of our value proposition and an integral component of our products and services. Taqaseem Investment Company ’s financial research team provides insightful, independent and decisive research that is designed to enable clients to make informed investment decisions. Taqaseem Investment Company achieves research excellence through the quality of its staff and the depth of its analysis in the application of a rigorous research process.

Taqaseem Investment Company is committed to helping businesses through all stages of their development. Our involvement with a client begins from concept and ends with implementation. In doing so the company has the ability to deliver an efficient investment management approach to private, corporate and institutional customers. We continue to look for opportunities where we can use our insight into the growth drivers of the underlying business. We believe that this is a more robust source of returns, over the business cycle, than a sole reliance on financial leverage and we invest with the primary intention of creating a measurable social impact.

Taqaseem Investment Company aims to provide high quality services and has the ability to give assured performance and delivery, whilst continually striving to seek ways of improving its services. It has a number of programs in force to monitor and measure its performance and the client’s requirements. Client satisfaction is the prime goal of the Joint Venture’s employees, which can only be achieved by their professionalism and dedication to meet the needs of the client. Taqaseem Investment Company has an outstanding track record in providing clients with finance.

Taqaseem Investment Company is uniquely positioned to ensure that investments awarded to it are effected successfully, given its technical and management capabilities and experience. Taqaseem Investment Company understands the critical importance of, and challenges associated with investment, and will deploy all necessary resource requirements in order to ensure that such projects are successfully executed successfully by enabling the clients with funds. Taqaseem Investment Company possesses substantial local and international expertise to ensure the successful achievement of the Client’s objectives. In conclusion, we wish to reiterate our readiness to take up any investment, whilst assuring you of our commitment in ensuring that the objectives of the Client are satisfactorily met.

Taqaseem Investment Company provides variety of services through its Corporate Finance department, which includes:

  • Financial Advisory
  • Debt Capital Markets
  • Short term and Long term loans
  • M&A
  • Special Situation Investing