Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

The Group is a private concern that combines the strength and security of a large, international institution with the nimbleness of our entrepreneurial beginnings. We have the financial capabilities to participate in major transactions, the resilience to withstand market volatility and the agility to quickly capitalize on new opportunities as they arise. Healthcare,Medical equipemnts, Pharmaceuticals and Health insurance. The investment vertical covers a rapidly expanding portfolio of investments across the Middle East.

Micro Financing

Taqaseem Investment Company has confidence in the global financial system. We trust the marketplace to reward well-run financial organizations, and our strategy has been successful. From its earliest investing years, Taqaseem Investment Company has developed an exceptional reputation for identifying undervalued or underperforming banking & financial companies and transforming their fortunes. Taqaseem Investment Company is aware of the signals its investment decisions send to global markets as visible votes of optimism and stability. Taqaseem Investment Company’s portfolio of banking and financial holdings is substantial and encompasses the most respected financial institutions such as Citigroup.

Industrial and Commercial

Taqaseem Investment Company sees substantial opportunities in the petrochemical sector, particularly in the potential to participate in initial public offerings for industrial projects. Low per capita consumption of petrochemical products by emerging economies gives particular cause for long-term optimism; those players are apt to grow more quickly, and place new orders accordingly, as the global economy rebounds. Taqaseem Investment Company also seeks investment opportunities focusing on high-value petrochemical derivative products with commensurate higher returns on investment. We offer a suite of industrial and commercial services. Our team of professionals have worked side by side with manufacturers, cooperatives, quarries, farmers, bulk fuel facilities, and others requiring industrial compliance across the MENA region since 1995.

Private Equity

Our group seeks to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns by investing with top-tier private equity fund managers around the globe and becoming a long term strategic partner. We target fund managers that have demonstrated persistent out performance along with high levels of governance, alignment, and transparency. The Private Equity team leverages its global industry network and conducts its own evaluations when considering investment opportunities. We are committed to alternative illiquid investments and has allocated a significant portion of its assets to these investments in order to earn the associated illiquidity premium and unique value creation alpha.